Sunday, September 25, 2011

cutting in foot loose in the danger zone

one night a couple of weekends ago, we were heaven-blessed with free
tickets to see one mr. kenny loggins live in concert at the layton city
amphitheater.  the night was beautiful - jacket weather is my favorite! -
and we got to sing and dance the night away.  who could ask for more?

waiting for the show to start...

we had some fun conversations

and when the lights came on we took a little trip to pooh corner...

made the most of the fact that we were in the danger zone
and cut it footloose

and when the show was over we celebrated ourselves home, reminiscing
on the perfect night to end a pretty fantastic summer, and to ring in what is
shaping up to be a pretty epic autumn.
i tend to think that i would've enjoyed myself at this show even if i was solo,
but i know for a fact that being part of a duo with richard made it far better.
an equation worth memorizing:
richard smith + kenny loggins (in layton, ut!) = the night of a girl's dreams

a labor of love

this was labor day last year:

fast forward 365 days and we have little elijah morgan front and center.
last year we were all spending the holiday weekend at richard's parents' house
when megan went into labor - it was seriously one of the most exciting nights ever!
this year we went back to celebrate eli's first birthday in style.

we spent some time at the farmer's market

played in the park

tyson and i took a quick trip to the ministry of magic

and then all but queasy richard took a spin on the carrousel.

took a nice dip in scott & megan's heavenly pool

congregated around the fabulous firepit that dale gave himself for
his most recent birthday...happy birthday to us!

and then got down to business with the presents...

i think he liked ours the best.

we loved spending time with the smith side of our fam for this monumental
occasion.  eli's first year on earth was a hit, and scott & megan's first year
as parents was a huge success.  we couldn't possibly love the 3 of them
any more than we already do.

...and the livin's easy

its officially over, but here is some proof that it actually happened:

the sheep-herding side of our family had some visitors from tex-ass last month,
so we decided to welcome them on the high seas of jordanelle, like the pirates
we are.  it seemed fitting since the best week of all of our lives happened together
on a cruise 3 years ago.  we were missing some key players (richard, in particular),
but we were still able to have a helluva good time.

although we have varying shades of skin (and hair), we do in fact come
from the very same gene pool.

so do they.  for a good time, you can still call my mother and her sister, dayna.

chow is so adventurous.  she jumped right off the boat...

but then had a hard time getting back on...

so, being the oldest sister, i took it upon myself to help...

no matter what it took.

don't worry, she got over it real fast.

georgia and shirl run a tight ship, but they're a good time, too.

like mother, like daughter.
even though you might not be able to see it.

the love in our family crosses barriers everyday.
i wouldn't enjoy sitting next to just anybody in byu apparel.
just my grandpa.

another greatest hit of our summer was finding a prime spot for two of
our favorite pastimes (snuggling and watching movies, of course)...

the drive-in

this summer marked our very first trip to the riverdale motor-vu,
but definitely not our last!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

feliz cumpleanos, ricardo...bailamos!

richard had a birthday so long ago that it seems like he's practically
29 already.  not really, but this post is long overdue.

its only taken me a little more than 5 years to say this with complete
confidence, but on august 2, 1983 richard smith greeted the world
with a face that probably looked something like this:

i don't know why, but until recently i kept thinking he was born in '82.
dumb.  i know.

anyway, his birthweek started out with pizza for dinner and a ksl special:
his very own secondhand nintendo gamecube.  he looked a little worried
when we had to travel to a sketchy part of ogden to pick up his "surprise,"
but it was worth having him think that his wife had become a
drug-runner for ten minutes.

on tuesday - the actual birthday! - i gave him yet another surprise:
ballroom dancing lessons.  kidding?  not even a little bit.  here is the
voucher i bought online with a groupon (with no consent from richard):

and here is the bloody toe you'll get if you do the same thing to your
husband on his 28th birthday. 

it wasn't really that bad - we both loved our 6-week class!  our teacher's
hips moved like gumbi's, and we made some fun new friends.  not to
mention, we now have samba moves that will shock and amaze everyone
who knows us.  it was so fun to get out of our regular routine and learn
something new together!  plus, it's pretty sexy being able to really dance
with your husband - he's a regular gene kelly...only straight.

we did other little things throughout the week to make richard's birthweek
a special one (his big present from me was an i-pod touch!),
 and we ended things on saturday with breakfast at the
ogden farmer's market.  delicious crepes enjoyed right in the park. 

and we washed them down with the best mint limeaide in the world.

i've always been one to enjoy a birthday, whether its my own or making
it fun for someone else.  and i have to say that when you love someone as
much as i love my man, it makes you wish you had enough money to make
it an entire birthmonth.  happy birthday, richard - 28 never looked so good!

a two-slice hilly

i'm sure my book club wasn't the only one to read 'the help' before
the movie came out last month, but i'd be willing to bet we were the
needle in that haystack that dressed to the nines in our southern-est
60's attire, held a jr. league meeting luncheon, and then went to see
the movie after.

i've spoken fondly of our themed book club before, but this has been
the best so far.  i raided my mom's closet to borrow my great grandma's
old jewelry - real pearl necklace, giant earrings and broach - and my
mom's old cat-eye glasses (classic!).  not only was it fun for the bc meeting,
but it was great rummaging through all that history with my mom.

here are the girls.  rachel's little sister dressed as our maid, and she even
spoke in a southern accent all night (my friend rachel is 2nd from the left.
i haven't started speaking in the 3rd person).
and don't you just looooove karen's hair?

it was a hoot to find actual recipes from the book's author to make for
our meeting...

minnie's caramel cake (that isn't even spoken about in the movie, but is
 a pretty big deal in the book).  i bought the cake stand just for bc.

deviled eggs...with paprika.
and lavender lemonade (not from the book, but i'd been looking for an
excuse to make it after buying the lavender at the farmer's market...
totally worth it!)

and the infamous chocolate pie...without minnie's secret ingredient!

as silly as this whole thing might seem, i'm having a riot.

as for my thoughts on the book and the movie:

i loved them both.  read the book twice, and i've seen the
movie three times now, and each time i loved each one more.
there were certainly differences between the two, but i wasn't
at all disappointed in them.  celia foote was my favorite character
in both book and movie, and i couldn't bring myself to hate hilly holbrook
in either of them.  i don't think she was right, but i think she believed that
she was, and that's what was sad.  the movie made me love the relationship
between aibileen and mae mobley even more, and they are what made me
a sobbing mess at the end.  i'd recommend the book to anyone, and even
richard liked the movie enough to see it twice.

so, a toast: to themed book clubs, and two-slice hilly!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

you can visit me in the heights

when we move to brooklyn.  i've decided that when we live in new york,
that's where it will be.  specifically in brooklyn heights, which is where we
spent our last morning in the city.  i fell in love.  we both did.

we were both pretty wiped, but not enough to waste the few precious
hours we had left.  after richard peeled himself off of our delightful harlem
bed and pulled himself together we headed to the heights.

ever seen 'moonstruck' with cher and nicholas cage?  no?
well then, snap out of it!  its a classic, and in my opinion one of the few
(very few) great nicholas cage films.  anyway, this is the house that cher's
family lived in in that movie.

we weren't sure if the fallout shelter signs are up to date, or
remnants from a time gone by, but either way they made us feel
both safe and worried at the same time.

we had brunch at a lovely cafe just around the corner from
cher's old house/my future home.  it will be our weekend tradition.

richard was pretty hungry...

and so was i...

but he ate his food, my leftovers, and the rest of the breakfast dessert
that we just couldn't resist trying, and i think he regretted it just a little bit.

we walked it off on the brooklyn heights promenade, which is in so
many movies!  this was one of richard's recommendations, and it was
a big, big hit!

our little camera might not be much, but richard can still make it do some
pretty tricky things.  like how i'm in this picture twice?  magic.

that view is one of the reasons i'll be living on this side of the greatest
bridge in the world.  you can't see that from the middle of the city.

my sister was nice enough to support our habit of returning home from
our trips super late at night.  who wants to come back to reality earlier
than absolutely necessary?  no one, that's who.

although we were sad to come home, we are sure grateful for the reality
we have that allows us to go have great weekends like this!
another thing i'm grateful for is this guy:

not only does he understand my love for lots and lots of
cheese (clearly), but he is a major reason that i have so much
fun traveling (especially to this city!).  he is my best friend, and
i think if you can say that you're married to your best friend
then you've pretty much got it made.  even if you don't live
in new york.  yet.