Monday, June 29, 2009

***GeT iN tHe KItCh***

Cooking is pretty much one of my very favorite things to do these days, and I've basically been having a whirlwind love affair w/ food since the day I was born, so I started a cooking blog!!! It's basically going to be my favorite recipes, new foods/meals we're trying, and my latest tasty experiments. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm pretty passionate about food, and I'm stoked to share my cooking adventures with the cyber world, so come and join me "in the kitch!" The URL is, and there is a link at the top of my link list...bon appetite!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

~King of the Mountain~

Richard has found the new love of his life. Oh, keep your pants on - its not a girl...its a ROCK!!! Last summer he was introduced to the sport of rock-climbing by his friends Abe and Kevin that he worked with, and that's when he fell in love. He loved it so much that he even signed up for the rock-climbing class at Weber this summer semester. Its over now, but the big "project" they had was to go on a climbing trip to the City of Rocks in Idaho for a weekend of applying what they'd learned. The rain followed them up there, but they were able to do a lot of awesome climbs. He even ran into his buddies Abe and Kevin and stayed an extra night with them. Side note: there were 3 of them, right? And each of them slept in their own tent. I just think that is the weirdest thing - you would never catch three girls sleeping in separate tents! We would all try to cram into one of those backpacking tents if we had to because A: we don't want to sleep alone in the wilderness, and B: we don't want to set up 3 tents if we can just set up one! Anyway...he had a blast! He told me that one of his classmates had to "save" him, and I told him if he tells me that kind of stuff he won't get to keep doing it, so he just showed me the rest of his pictures. Here they are...