Monday, June 25, 2012

when you pee on a stick...

and you see two lines instead of one...

your faces look like this because it means you're having a baby.

a baby boy, to be exact.  the test doesn't tell you that, but we just went
to our 17-week appointment today, and we saw a little something on the
ultrasound monitor that makes us think our little richard has a little richard,
if you know what i mean.

happy and scared to death.  that's how we've been feeling the past 4 months.
and will probably continue to feel some version of those emotions for the
rest of eternity, or so we've heard from many a parent.

holy crap.  we're having a baby.  december 3.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

nose bleeds and broken hearts

those are the two things you get when you're a jazz fan.
well, in my experience anyway.

we were lucky enough to go to one of the last regular season jazz games,
when they played the pheonix suns and won their spot in the playoffs.  those
tickets were scored in a roundabout way from a kindly jerk (yes, they do exist)
who i've never actually met, but work with at weber state.
long story short:  a mutual friend of ours asked me if i'd like some jazz tickets,
i said, "uh, duh," and he said, ok well let's make this a group date and you get your
friend to go with my friend (who had the tickets).  i said ok because when i asked
her she was thrilled, but the jerk never contacted her and so he ended up ruining the
whole situation, but felt bad enough to still give me his tickets.  they were dateless,
but we had a great time.

starting with dinner.  we ate at the california pizza kitchen, where we
ordered some pizza that came with habanero pepper salsa that was
far too spicy for my liking.  richard, however, loved it.  so i dared him
to eat all of it.  he said no.  so i double dog dared him.  and just like that time
he fell in the pond at the mortuary, he rose to the challenge.  i bet him
anything in the world that he wanted, and he began.

that bowl of salsa was completely full, and i had maybe half a spoonful.
he ended up finishing it.  not without pain (for the next couple of days), i
might add.  the only restriction on the "anything in the world" prize was that
he had to decide what he wanted that night.  the salsa must have fried his
brain because he chose new socks.  anyway, it was fun to watch.

besides the fact that the guy sitting behind richard spit all over the back of
his head and neck (imagine homer simpson), we had a great time.
it was close enough to be exciting, and they won, of course.  we barely
made the train home, but it was worth it.

another season of nose bleeds and broken hearts is behind us.
but that's what we penny-pinching, die-hard jazz fans are used to.
i'm keeing my fingers crossed for next season...just like i have
my entire life.

a blast from the past

is what we experienced the night the porter girls went to see
titanic in 3d.  i don't usually like 3d, but i pretty much reverted
back to the twelve year-old girl who would do anything
for leonardo dicaprio, so i loved it this time around.

we reminisced about a four year-old chelsa, who knew exactly what numbers on
the vcr meant she had to push stop, fast forward, and then play to skip the
nudie-boobie scenes on our vhs copy of the film those 13 years ago.  wasn't titanic
every tyke's favorite movie, right along with the boz?

sarah and chelsa had a running commentary, so it was a good thing that i
wasn't right next to them.  i really did love it as much as i did the first seven
times i saw it in theaters with syrie bennington in sixth grade. 

so what, i was the only one who cried.  ok, sobbed.
i still think that the door was big enough for both of them, dammit.

it certainly was a girls night of titanic proportions.