Friday, December 19, 2008

Are we there yet?

Rich and me with you-know-who at the Ogden Lights

Yes we are here...the end of the semester has finally come! Finals are over, grades are posted, and ITS ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME! I have been a major slacker on the blogging front, but it paid off in the school department. I graduate in May, and if I can keep myself in check I'll get to wear one of those fancy-shmancy cords around my neck with my cap and gown with the smarties (I've really tricked them into thinking I belong in that group!). I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Rich did really well in his classes, too. We are so ready for this break and all it has to offer: St. George for Christmas, a cruise for New Year's (thanks to Shirl and Tony!).

Anyway, hope you're all enjoying time off of school and this wonderful Christmas season! More updating to come.