Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Business Time!

Hopefully by now everyone knows who Flight of the Conchords are, but in case you don't I am going to introduce them to you right now. Rich and I discovered them sometime last year, and we love them to death! I'd seen this video before, but Heidi just emailed it to me, and I busted up when I watched it again. I wanted to share the laughs with the rest of you, too. I'd say "I hope you like it," but I don't have to because I KNOW you'll LOVE it. Especially if you're married. Its funny because its TRUE! hahaha you all know it!

Friday, March 6, 2009

We're baa-aack!

That's right, we're back!!! The laptop died what seems like forever ago, but we finally got a new computer yesterday--she's a beauty! Anyway, I'm psyched to put some pictures up because we've actually done some CRAZY-FUN things lately! I'm just gonna get right to the pictures. Probably the most fun we've ever had, just so you know!


Super excited for our first excursion!

Richard made friends w/ our
spanish-speaking guide, of course.

You could find us dancing in the club after we
wowed the crowd w/ our karaoke talents!

Welcome to St. Thomas!
Best weather I've ever experienced in December!

It was a virgin, and it was FABULOUS!

Why not? We were on vacation!

Kinda looks like a postcard, huh?!

We'd be great pirates!

Ok, so we didn't find this REAL starfish,
but the people who did let us take pictures w/ it!

We thought renting a scooter would be fun.

The ride along the coast was beautiful!

But we soon discovered that the brakes were no good.

And I had to hike it up this HUGE hillside

because our scooter was a peice of junk! I was FURIOUS!

It didn't take long to get happy again.
Look at that view!
Back to the Mother Ship.

I think everyone's favorite night was the
Chocoholic's buffet!

I know mine was! It was HEAVEN!
Happy New Year! We started 2009 right!

Rich, me and Dad going snorkling.

The end of the perfect week!

No shoes, no shirt, no problems...well, Rich
had to wear a shirt most of the time because
of his skin tone, but you know what I mean!

And then, just when I thought life couldn't get
any better... we went to...


She was AMAZING!

Who am I?!

My favorite girls ready for the show of a lifetime!

Not sure why we can never seem to figure out

how to buy 7 tickets sitting TOGETHER, but

it didn't really matter. We all had fun!

I feel like we waited forever for this moment...

It was worth every second!

Rach found me in that HUGE crowd!

Not sure what song this was, but I know I loved it!

We were screaming. This was after I stopped crying haha!

Do I love Celine? YES!

Top night! Seriously the best girls night ever!