Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, graduated life!

What have I been doing since graduation? Here are the highlights:
Won our ward's dutch oven cook-off w/
my dad's peach cobbler recipe...the
prize was our very own dutch oven!

Watched seasons 1, 2, & 3 of my new fave
show Grey's Anatomy - I'm addicted!

I've also been working!!! I love my job as a
Wellness Specialist for UTA and Fairchild in SLC.
I do lots of wellness consultations & check a
lot of blood pressures!

Rich is taking summer classes, so he's still super busy w/ school. His favorite class right now is Rock Climbing...we'll have some sweet pics of his class trip to the City of Rocks in Idaho in a couple of weeks! Hope everyone is having an AWESOME summer!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

~Janisms for Mother's Day~

I love my mom, and this is why...

1. She is a party animal! She is the funnest
mom I know, and she'll do anything to
have fun with her family.
2. She is the best example of a wife that I
could ask for. I know that my dad loves
her with all of his heart, and it is easy
to see why.

3. She shows my sisters and I how much
she loves us every single day. I know
she loves being a mom, and I hope I can
be as wonderful a mother as she is someday!

4. She loves to laugh! And she has one
of the best laughs around. Her face turns red
and she starts wheezing when she thinks
something is really hilarious. She makes us
laugh all the time, too!

5. My mom is my other best friend! I talk

to her about anything and everything, and
I love to spend time with her. I know
she'll always be there for me.

This will probably only be funny to my family, but these are some of the things my mom has said to make us laugh the hardest...we call them "Janisms," and we will never let her live them down. Thanks for being such a good sport, mom. I love you!
  • "How did there get a hole in the ceiling?!"
  • "There's a flick in my boot!"
  • "Maybe the dingalo ate your baby..."
  • "Chickee says time to get up..." followed by the most annoying rooster noise you'll ever hear in your life!
  • "I'm going to smother you in the night!"
  • "We don't call names...shut up, you stupid idiot!"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Graduate, Graduate...Great! Great! Great!

So, the day I have been working for for the past 17 years or so has finally come and gone. I graduated from college! It sounds exciting...and it is! As many of you know, I started my college experience down at the U of U (which is still where my heart is, just so you know). Only after blowing my tuition money on my senior trip in Hawaii with my best girls in the world, Jackie and Ceara. I had a ball at the U ~ I made lots of friends and had so much fun making some of my very best memories, but I really didn't do that great with the whole "school" part of it all. Then I met Richard, and he likes to think he straightened me out...hahaha... So after we got married, I transfered to Weber, which I was never too thrilled about, but it ended up being the best thing ever! I found the program of my dreams, and I ended up graduating Summa Cum Laude. I had three awesome internship opportunities working in the nutrition department on campus, at the health department, and with the Women In Motion program. I came to love and respect many of my professors, and I made a lot of friends! I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance Management and Nutrition Education. I was lucky and blessed enough to find an awesome part-time job in my field as a Wellness Specialist that I started the week of graduation, and I love it so far! I know that my education will benefit me and my family for the rest of our lives. It was definitely all worth it! ....blah, blah, blah...I'm done. I really am so excited about being graduated, but I could go on and on forever! Thanks to my family for your support throughout all of my years of school. Thanks to all of my teachers and professors and coaches, you really have taught me so much! And of course, thanks to Richard ~ you've put up with my crazy during school and life, and for that I'll love you forever!
I know this is so so so many pictures, but it was one of the biggest days of my life, so I didn't want to leave out any of my favorites...

My last class ever!

My fave girls, Jamie and Jen, that got me through
the hardest class ever...Measurements!

My best friend at school ~ Rachel Philpott ~
we had almost every class together! She had
a gorgeous baby right before finals...she's
pretty much a ROCKSTAR!

Amy and I after my very last final exam...
I don't know if she ever saw me with makeup on!

Katherine, Natalie, and I after the longest
commencement ceremony ever. I love these
girls to death! Natalie and I mostly bonded
over the foods of the world in Mutlicultural Nutrition

This is me smiling, even though I am at the
world's worst luncheon. Rach was one of my
biggest cheerleaders!

I love this guy! He was so good to me all day, and
totally treated me like a QUEEN! Thanks, babe!

Just showing off my graduation BLING

Dad got the first family hug. I love this guy, too!

My awesome aunt her card she told me
to "change the world." I'm sure going to try!

I can't take my eyes off of him for a minute when
my Great Grandma B. is around! hahaha

It meant so much to have my Grandma Porter
there! I love you, Grandma!

I just love this picture of my mom.

Best husband ever...and he's all mine!

Mom and Dad with their favorite child.

I gave Sarah my "stole" because I'm so
proud of her for working so hard in school
~ she's graduating this year, too!

Grandma and Grandpa them!

Grandma and Grandpa them, too!

My favorite...circus roses

Same hair hot!

Katherine and I with flowers from our hunka-hunka

We made it, Jen! And with just a little bit of

The whole fam at Roosters to celebrate...this after
I saved Grandpa from choking...don't ask!