Sunday, March 28, 2010

She's right...sometimes we do have to cry for Justin Bieber!

If you don't love this as much as I do, there is definitely something wrong with you! No wonder this kid is such a heartbreaker - he just made this little girl's dreams come true. And he made my day...I haven't been able to stop laughing about it since I first watched it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our little bite of the BIG APPLE

Guess what...we went to New York City last week! Long story short: We had planned to go for our anniversary last year, but things just didn't pan out. So when I found a screamin' hotel deal online a couple of months ago I jumped at the chance for us to make it happen for real this time. We went as kind of an early graduation trip for Richard, and a belated one for me...and it was Spring Break for him, so the timing was perfect. I could spend hours telling you about our trip...rather than do that, though, I thought I'd break it down with pictures...

We took the red-eye...neither of us slept well at all...can you tell?
After a bumpy shuttle ride to the hotel, a much needed nap, and some primping, we were ready for our first day on the town...

Little did we realize that what looked like a drizzle from the hotel room was actually cats and dogs raining down from the and makeup a total waste of time.

Here I am, yelling at Richard to "hurry up and take the dang picture already!" at Columbus Circle in Central Park...he was hiding under a park concession stand.

We ducked for cover in a subway station after I insisted that we walk about 12 blocks...don't ask why...i don't know.

We were almost completely soaked to the bone!

Our first stop: The American Museum of Natural History

Our hotel was only a few blocks from Times we were already drenched, so we figured, why not?! p.s. the wind was horrendous.

There was a giant Hershey's store that lured us smells divine in that place!

This machine was so spot'd say Richard is teal, too, right? hahaha

Day #2: a little more dry, and a lot awesome...the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met). One of our absolute favorite stops!

We saw West Side Story on Broadway at the Palace Theater...fantastic! Richard thinks he's a Shark...I want to be Anita!

The first time we'd seen the sun on our was thrilling!

This sculpture was at the World Trade Center on 9/11, and was damaged, but survived. They moved it to Battery Park as a monument. They're rebuilding the plaza right now, and they'll move it back when it's all done.

Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Station...not really, but that's what Beyonce says in the song, and that's where I am in this picture.

Might seem silly, but this stop was high on my list of priorities. It was just as awesome as I'd imagined it would be!

The Frozen Hot Chocolate was pretty good...Richard loved it...clearly.

We sat at the actual table that they filmed at in the movie was fate, I tell you!

Isn't that the greatest face ever?! We were laughing so hard...we saw a guy in this cage-like thing up against the side of Bloomingdales (so weird!), and it was pouring rain outside...and Richard was giving me his outrageous explanation of the situation...I love him so much!

Standing in line for the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island...they're both really tiny out in the distance behind us.

Rich was dying for a pretzel, but he took two bites and threw it away because is was so nasty haha

Let freedom ring...Richard & Lady Liberty.

Our view from Liberty Island...pretty sweet, huh?

Ellis Island...another one of our faves.

This is the room they would do eye exams (don't you love Richard's demonstration?!) and legal interviews in.

The Kissing Post: This is the spot where families would reunite after a father had come to work and earn money, and then send back to the "old country" for his family to come to America.

A shop window in Chinatown...yummmmm!

Our new fave restaurant, Sal's, in Little Italy. These are some pics of celebrities who've eaten there. The Manicotti was TO DIE FOR!!!! I've seriously been having dreams about it!

You know you're in Little Italy when...

We walked into this pastry shop for a cannoli, and I pretty much died and went to heaven!

We were just walking to the Empire State Building, and we ran into Madison Square Garden!

Ahhh, we made it inside at last! You have no idea how many movies were running through my head at this point...I may or may not have been fantasizing that I was Annie (Meg Ryan) and that Richard was Sam (Tom Hanks) in Sleepless in Seattle. I don't care what you think - I lived one of my all-time favorite movies - how many people can say that?!

riding up the elevator...only 86 floors...

It was still just a little windy haha

Stopped to get some New York hot dogs at the famous Gray's Papaya.

Just hanging out in our hotel...on the most comfortable bed in the world!

Day #4: Today Show, Dr. Oz, Manhattan Temple, Central Park...a beautiful, sunny day!

Meredith Viera interviewing Kirstie Alley

striking a pose in the midst of trying to get on camera.
Here I am with Lenny. He is at the Today Show every single morning!

Al Roker singing his Willard Scott song.

Rockafeller ice skating for us.

Richard didn't even know who Dr. Oz was, but he was sure excited to go watch his show. He is such a goof!

A little peace in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

Central Park was FANTASTIC!!! It is soooo big and soooo awesome.
What do you think of my fake Dolce & Gabana sunglasses? Thank you, Chinatown!
Bethesda Fountain

Richard was so psyched to see the very place that Kevin (Macully Culkin) ran through the park in Home Alone 2. It was fun to see him get excited about a movie, too!

Belvedere Castle

Bow Bridge

The Imagine Mosaic in Strawberry Fields, the part of Central Park that was dedicated to John Lennon. Its also right across the street from the Dakota where he lived and was killed.

We walked all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge. The whole way!

This is the first hamburger (made of beef) that I've eaten in about 2 years...I'm not going back to beef, but it was totally worth it! The Shake Shack was scrumptious!

More pastries, from our second trip to Little Italy...Mmmmmmm...

We walked past this diner and made fun of it at least twice a day, and we swore we'd never eat anything from there simply because of the name, plus Rich poked his head in once and said that it even smelled hot and crusty...

but look who caved because he just had to have one last slice of pizza for breakfast the day we left!

We went to the Redwoods last year, and Richard said that our motto for vacations should be "Go big, or go home!" I love traveling to new places and experiencing new things with my very best friend. I'm seriously already planning for our next trip haha. Only 4 more weeks until graduation, babe - you're going to make it!