Wednesday, August 24, 2011

summer sun, somethin's begun

so, i was just thinking about how last summer was pretty epic...when
sir paul mccartney played a big part in it how could it not be?

but this summer's been ok, too.
not epic, maybe, but educational for sure.
here are just a few of the lessons i've learned this summer:

lesson #1 - shakespeare?  not so much.

my uncle was in a production of shakespeare's "the tempest," which
i attended w/ my best guys.  it was here i learned that a) my uncle tony
has a memory like rainman, and b) i may not really like shakespeare all
that much.  i mean, i love romeo & juliet because i am really familiar with
the story, and the first time i saw any presentation of it a young leonardo
dicaprio was front and center.

i give my uncle two thumbs way, way up!  as well as his cast.  but
let's just say i won't be reading a sonnet any time soon.

lesson #2 - my gag reflex is still fully intact

richard and i met my dad in downtown slc for one of the twilight
concerts.  it was great - we rode frontrunner down so i could read
harry potter on the way, we had dinner w/ my pops, and then headed
to the park, so things were off to a great start.  didn't last long because...

a) there were hookers everywhere.  i'm talking serious working girls here.
you can see my father wasn't quite as disgusted as i was.

b) as i was in the middle of deeply enjoying my bear country cookie,
the girl sitting next to me decided to lean towards me and toss some
nasty cookies of her own.  no joke.  laid right on over and hurled in the
i immediately commenced gagging while dragging the boys to a different
spot on the lawn.  in my mind that girl was a hooker, too, because she
screwed me out of finishing a perfectly delicious cookie.

my sister sarah showed up and gagged when i told her about my
traumatic experience, so that made things a little better.
she has that effect on most things.
more sarah = more better

lesson #3 - richard is a rockstar...and so are my parents

of course, i'm talking about richard's musical ability when i say
this about him.  he's been able to play some shows this summer,
and is almost done recording his own acoustic album.
he's simply wonderful.

and when i say this about my parents, i'm referring to the way that
they always show up to support richard at his shows, baseball games,
etc., etc., etc. (i know that's not correct. if you don't know 'the king & i
then that's your problem).  i know it means a lot to richard, and it means
a lot to me, too.

i also learned that i'm not a big fan of zuppa's.
other than their desserts.