Thursday, September 26, 2013

day 3: the hahbah cruise with my father the photographer

our last day in boston/groton was a really good one.  we'd been thinking about visiting cape cod, but our hosts, richard's aunt jeannie and uncle kevin, convinced us that it is actually overrated and that we should visit the little town of portsmouth.  we're so glad we listened to them!  and that they were willing to play tour-guide for us.  so first thing that morning (morning = whatever time we all ended up being ready to go) we piled into the van and headed to portsmouth, new hampshire.

my dad bought a camera from my sister (who he bought the camera for for her high school graduation - sucker bought the camera twice!), and he's had to do quite a bit of photography work for his job, and i know i'm no expert, but i think that he has become quite the talented photographer!  i mean, i think he could actually charge lots of money for lots of the pictures he takes.  lucky for us, i think that he enjoys it, and so hopefully the joy he feels is enough compensation when we're the ones in the pictures.  anyway, here are just some of the amazing photos he took on our last "boston" adventure (i don't know why some of them are sideways! grrrr).

a one-man-band playing an instrument i don't think any of us had ever seen before.

richard, marty, jeannie, kevin, sara shumway (richard's cousin), and dale

one of the main attractions was a harbor cruise, and we loved it!

just started solids?  try this spicy sandwich.

the whole gang

i loved the bonding we got to do with our dads, and with each other's dads on this trip.  priceless.

after the cruise, we wandered the streets of the adorable town, where dale treated us all to ice cream.

we then drove just a little ways to hampton beach.  actually, we stopped just before hampton beach because that place is a madhouse.  this was such a treat!  these are my favorite pictures of the whole trip.

thanks, jeannie and kevin.  and dad!  what a great way to end the first leg of our east coast adventure.


Trissy-T said...

Looks like a fun little trip! I love the Boston area, especially at this time of year it is so beautiful. Your little guy is so adorable!